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Notary Public

General Information:  Notary Public services are available in the Clerk of Court office. The person signing the document must either sign or verify their signature on the document and show a picture identification before the Notary will affix his or her seal.

Clerk of Court Jack Kennedy issues the Notary Public commissions issued by the Virginia Governor and Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth. Commissions are valid for a four-year period. There is a $10 processing fee.

Who is a notary public? A Notary Public is a person legally empowered to witness and certify documents and to take affidavits.

How do I become a notary public? Applications for appointment as a Notary Public are made to the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Richmond, Virginia. You may access the application at the link below. Completed applications are sent to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, along with the Secretary of Commonwealth’s application fee. Upon receipt of a completed application, proper endorsements and the correct fee, the Secretary, if satisfied the applicant is qualified to be appointed and commissioned as a notary public, shall prepare a notary commission for the applicant and forward the commission to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in which the applicant shall elect to qualify. The Secretary will then notify the applicant, by letter, that the commission has been granted and where and how it may be secured.


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